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Vision and Values

Who Are We?


We are a Multi Academy Trust consisting of Somers Park Primary, Great Malvern Primary, Dines Green Community Academy and Malvern Vale Primary. Trust offices are based at our newest addition to the trust; the newly built Malvern Vale Primary. 

Our mission is to to educate highly achieving, independent, free thinking individuals able to engage in civic society.


We aim to do this by developing and enhancing open and honest collaboration amongst schools that provides:

•A high quality, purposeful education for children

•Opportunities, experiences and excellent outcomes that no school can achieve alone

•Strong dynamic and sustainable school leadership

•A community of excellent, professional staff who, through collaboration, learn, improve  and develop.


All our schools have an absolute commitment to:


Inclusive education to enable success for all

• A ‘purposeful’ education that includes:

A commitment to a curriculum which promotes high quality; achievement for all and excellent outcomes for students

• A commitment to develop skills that enable pupils to be creative reflective and open minded

The belief that partnership and collaboration with others – who share our values – strengthens all

• The importance of collective responsibility for the success and well-being of all pupils in our community



How did MET decide it's name?


The name ‘Mercian’ derives from when our region was settled by Angles from what is now Northern Germany/Denmark circa AD584. Our emblem, a red circular shield banded in gold is conceived from a Mercian shield discovered by archaeologists. The white Wyvern central symbol was Mercian, and denoted a family/tribe. A Wyvern is a “winged, two-legged dragon”. The white Wyvern re-appears as heraldry for a Bologna family during the Renaissance. Bologna founded the world’s first university, and was a centre for reasoning, independent and open-minded thinking.