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Vision and Values

Who Are We?


We are a Multi Academy Trust consisting of four schools based on five sites. Our academies are:

  • Dines Green Community Academy
  • Great Malvern Primary
  • Northleigh Church of England Primary
  • Somers Park Primary


The Trust offices are based at within Malvern Vale, a satelitte expansion site of Somers Park Primary. 

Mercian Educational Trust - Vision and Values


We want to inspire:

  • Individuals to push beyond their perceived potential
  • A commitment that together we are stronger.
  • Individuals to embrace, celebrate and use differences for the benefit of all.
  • Positivity and ambition for the future
  • A sense of self pride / worth
  • The belief that through creative thinking, problem solving and determination, anything is possible

It is our aspiration that:

  • Together we provide Exceptional Educational experiences, working for a successful future.
  • We make a positive impact on the lives of all engaged with Mercian Educational Trust
  • We work together and collaborate for success wherever possible
  • As a collective we make a positive impact on society and our communities.
  • We will meet needs and challenges to ensure inclusivity and equality for both individuals and communities


      How did Mercian Educational Trust derive it's name?


      The name ‘Mercian’ derives from when our region was settled by Angles from what is now Northern Germany/Denmark circa AD584.Map of England 515-918
      Our emblem, a red circular shield banded in gold is conceived from a Mercian shield discovered by archaeologists. The white Wyvern central symbol was Mercian, and denoted a family/tribe. A Wyvern is a “winged, two-legged dragon”. The white Wyvern re-appears as heraldry for a Bologna family during the Renaissance. Bologna founded the world’s first university, and was a centre for reasoning, independent and open-minded thinking.