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Global Links Within Schools: Mercian Educational Trust


At Mercian Educational Trust, we believe in supporting our pupils to become global citizens. We facilitate and support our schools in forging global links with schools and partnerships, providing opportunities for pupils, teachers, and communities.


Our Global Journey


Our global journey began in 2004 with the establishment of a link with Chumbageni Primary School in Tanga, Tanzania. Today, three of our schools have active global links, fostering international collaboration and cultural exchange. Our Director of Learning is completing a PhD through the University of Exeter, exploring the impact of our global links within schools. This research provides valuable insights and is regularly shared with educational professionals.

Why Are Global Links Important?


Through our schools' global links program, our pupils:

  • Gain a greater understanding of different cultures, traditions, lifestyles, and global issues.
  • Learn about being a citizen in a globalized world.
  • Access practical learning experiences.


The global links program also reinforces the values of respect and tolerance. Working with global schools provides unique professional development opportunities for teachers, allowing them to collaborate with educators worldwide and experience different teaching methods.


How Do Our Global Link Schools Work Together?


All work is aligned with each school's ethos, priorities, and workload. Examples of activities include:

  • Pupils sending emails and communicating with each other.
  • Sharing artifacts between schools.
  • Running environmental projects.
  • Supporting global schools with facilities and fundraising for breakfast programs.
  • Teachers visiting different schools.


Our Global Partnerships


For more information on our global partnerships, please click on the links below:

Northleigh CE Primary School and Darajani Primary School, Tanga, Tanzania, Africa

Somers Park Primary School and Chumbageni School in Tanga, Tanzania

Great Malvern Primary School and Martinshamba School in Tanga, Tanzania


Headteachers Point of View 


"At Somers Park Primary School we are committed to providing an international dimension across our curriculum and in our community. Our curriculum reflects this commitment to develop awareness and understanding of the cultures, geography and environment, character and concerns, languages, religions and economic circumstances of people elsewhere in the world and around our locality; to develop an awareness of our place in the world and recognise our interdependence with the environment and the peoples of the world. Through a long-standing link with Chumbageni School in Tanga, Tanzania, we continue to be actively involved in developing strong ties and undertaking regular reciprocal visits, all of which impact immeasurably on the learning and depth of appreciation of the children and staff."

Mr Hanson Somers Park Primary School


To learn more about the global link opportunities available to MET schools please contact our Director of Learning by emailing