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Encouraging Regular School Attendance: Educational Welfare Services


Educational Welfare Services and Officers

Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways to prepare children for success—both in school and life. Mercian Educational Trust actively supports schools in achieving this goal through our comprehensive Educational Welfare Service (EWS), available to both schools within and independent of the Trust.


Our Educational Welfare Officers (EWO)

Our Educational Welfare Service is delivered by two experienced Educational Welfare Officers (EWO), who support schools facing difficulties with school attendance and retention.

Our dedicated EWOs work with each school in a child-focused manner to help remove barriers to attendance and build trusting relationships.


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What Our Educational Welfare Service Includes

As part of our Educational Welfare Service, schools receive tailored support in the following ways:

  • Monitor and Review Attendance Data: Identify key attendance patterns and individual pupils who require support.

  • Partnership with Parents and Schools: Improve communication, and meet with parents at home or school to discuss attendance when required.

  • Support Leaders: Create action plans and strategies to improve school attendance and implement best practices.

  • Assist with Procedures and Processes: Aid with day-to-day attendance management.

  • Support Returning Pupils: Help pupils transition back to school.

Schools within the Mercian Educational Trust automatically receive support from this service, with further bespoke arrangements agreed upon by the school and Trust.



“This service saves me a lot of time and proactively works to target weak attendance. I appreciate the way that they make sure that I am involved when necessary.”

“Proactive. Good attendance support. Good engagement with hard-to-reach families.”


Attendance and Family Support Further Information

For more details on what services we offer, costs and to arrange a free initial school consultation please register here: Mercian Educational Trust Attendance and Family Support Services or contact us on 01684 574497 or by email on